New York City - needle in a haystack New York City - from below New York City - Grand Central Station New York City - upside down The box Night watch Sitting Flapping In the shadow Always working Turning Torso, Malmø, Sweden Gotham City Ginza on a Sunday afternoon, Tokyo Tokyo by night Below Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan Honen-in, Kyoto, Japan Himeji-jō Village, Noto-hantō, Japan Gobble bubble Kilchurn castle Corgarff castle Somber Ilulissat From above II From above Traffic From below 40 Top Tower Laundry Squares San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - SFMOMA Mirrors Looking out Golden tower Sunshine & shadow Break Disney Music Hall At the Getty villa Auckland Sky Tower Tiny Maori church, Banks peninsula Angles Modern housing Polkadots One in a million No Parking Hong Kong at night Bamboo scaffold Keeping the light out Golden top Condos on acid Who's walking who? Nighttime Anybody home? Flying away Abandoned Outlook Beehive Going in circles Cutting corners Black box Spikes Upside down In all directions Gallery Stars January 2006 Blue trees - Roppongi HIlls January 2006 Roppongi Hills, Tokyo January 2006 Pointed building January 2006 Gotham City in Tokyo January 2006 Dior building January 2006 Shape of a tent January 2006 No cars in Ginza January 2006 Asahi building January 2006 Shinjuku January 2006 Shinjuku crowd January 2006 Anything electronic